Olivia, nick named Liddy, is the creator of the blog 'theebookmonster,' formerly called 'Lovely Lil' Book Worm.'

The blog all began in 2010, when Liddy decided she was sick of keeping her bookish thoughts to herself and wanted to tell the world about the fun Y.A genre! She blogged avidly for about a year, where she then started her Youtube book review channel, called theebookmonster (hence the change in blog name) where she has a healthy following of 7000+ subscribers! She loves it when people come visit there, so feel free to drop by! http://www.youtube.com/user/theebookmonster

Since, starting her reviewing channel, her blog was put on the sidelines, until May 2013, when Liddy decided to return to blogging and continue her pursuit to conquer the world of books! Sorta'.

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