First of all, I am not doing this book blog purely to receive ARCS or free books. I am here to spread my opinion on the books that I read. My one wish is for people to enjoy my reviews, and to spread the word about so many fantastic novels that are out there.

I started this blog back in 2010, when I was only 13, and blogged avidly until I was 14. I then took my bookish adventure to youtube, where you can find me over at 'theebookmonster (

I am only 16, so for me blogging is really hard work, yet it is something that to me, is very satisfying and rewarding.
This blog is not my job, I do this because I love it and reading is one of my passions. Therefore I take reviews seriously and they are purely my own thoughts, so you can be assured that I will speak the truth about every book that I read and review.

Secondly, I can promise that I will review every book that I receive, however I cannot guarantee that I will be able to get to it as soon as possible, depending on the circumstances.

My reviews usually consist of around 4-8 paragraphs. If a book is amazing, I will give it the praise it deserves, however if not then I will explain my reasons for this in a constructive tone.

Genres that I enjoy the most:

I love ANY YA FICTION books, whether it be romance, historical paranormal, fantasy and many others.  I don't however usually lean towards Sci-fi and horror, yet I am always open to change, so do not think that I will decline it.

I do not accept E-Books or audio books so please do not send me them.

I'd be more than happy to read series or sequels, but if possible it would be great if you could provide the previous book if I do not own it.

I would really appreciate it if you could contact me before sending anything out.
If you would like to send me a book or contact me about anything, you can reach me at -
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Thank you :)