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Gifted: Out of sight, Out of mind - Marilyn Kaye

Paperback, 222 pages

Published February 2nd 2009 by Kingfisher Books Ltd (first published 2009)

Amanda Beeson is Queen Bee at Meadowbrook Middle School.

If you're not friends with Amanda, you're nobody.
But one morning gorgeous, popular Amanda Beeson looks in the mirror and sees a very different face staring back at her. The Queem Bee is about to get a taste of life in someone else's shoes.

Amanda has a secret. She's GIFTED.
And she's not the only one . . .

For me this novel was mediocre.

I felt that this novel had a great concept, and I kept thinking that it was going to get better but in the end it just didn't.
First of all I found Amanda the main character was just very, no, extremely irritating. She was one of those typical Y.A mean girl type of characters only 1000 times worse.
Second of all, she DID NOT learn from her experiences.

*SPOILER ALERT* All of the time when she was inside Tracey's body, she kept on whining about how bad her situation was and that she wished she could be herself again and be a nice person, however by the end of the novel she was just back to her old mean ways!

One thing I did like about this novel, it would be the fun of exploring each characters special powers of GIFTS, as they call it. Yet Kaye didn't really delve deeper into their emotions, even if the novel is only supposed to be focused on Amanda. I did appreciate getting a good insight into Jenna's character though.

The ending was the big crasher though. It all built up to this climax, which I thought would finally bring some excitement to this novel. I was wrong.

Again *SPOILER ALERT* All the 'villain' wanted to know was the winning lottery numbers! I mean come on, are you serious?

Overall, I was fairly disappointed with this novel, from its lack of characterization, to the almost joke ending. I did enjoy learning about Jenna, but that was probably, if not, all.
Sorry Marilyn, but this novel just isn't up to some of the standards in other books.


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