Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Baboons of Dawn! Guess who the author is too?!

Ok, so I thought I would write a little post about this book for a particular reason.
Today my english teachers husband came in today to give us a little workshop on how to become a good writer.
Beyond the point, look he's written a book!

Three curious youngsters, an unsolved disappearance dating back to 1976, and a strange stone monkey engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphs-the ingredients for a bizarre and scary journey through history on a quest to get back to the present. Twelve baboon statues are scattered through the ages, and Maggie, Ben and Zoltan have to find them all. In the process of doing so, they witness some of the most catastrophic events in history, from the Great Fire of London to the destruction of Atlantis, and encounter everyone from Marie Antoinette at the height of the French Revolution to Montezuma at the moment of the bloody Spanish conquest of the Aztecs. In the course of their civilization-hopping adventures, they find their own lives in mortal danger.

Will they escape from the Well of Death and make it back to their own time? Will they solve the mystery of the missing Colonel Moon? And will Mum and Dad-who think the youngsters have only popped out to play-ever get a whiff of the amazing journey through time that they embarked on that eventful evening when they decided to dig up the Colonel's overgrown garden in an effort to find his body?

Sounds like if you like history mixed with fiction, than this one is for you!
I just thought that this was a book you should REALLY check out! He is such a cool guy, and SO funny!

I'm definetely going to pick this one up and review it soon but meanwhile, why don't you?


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  1. Awesome! Actually, a teacher at my school wrote a series of books aswell. I don't know what the series is called but I do know that the first book is called "The Maze", his name is Gavin .... something, I can't remember his lastname XD


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