Friday, 28 January 2011

Crime, I LOVE.

So, I haven't been very creative with my posts lately, so I thought today I would post something a little different...
I was wondering if you like crime novels, I do!
One of my favorite crime authors is, I know I know, obvious but anyway:

Agatha Cristie

See I get so caught up in Y.A that I forget about the classic, thrilling novels like Agatha Cristie writes.
One of my favorite novels by her is 'Death On The Nile.'

She has such a talent where she leads the reader into thinking that they have cracked the case and then she turns it all around, and I LOVE that! It's not just crime though, it's more than that, it's also a thriller
As well as this, I adore the old-fashioned dialouge, there's something comforting about listening to the characters excessive use of the word 'Darling.'

So this was a kinda' random post, but hey.
Do you like crime? If so, what is your favorite crime author or even horror author?

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