Friday, 7 January 2011

Lets get Hopping!

Hey everyone! So I decided that I was going to start taking part in a book blog hop hosted by Crazy for Books. The idea is that I answer a question every week and get to meet lots of new bloggers along the way by hopping to their blog! I can't guarente I'll do this every week, but I will definitely try!

So, yeah!

This weeks question is...

"What book influenced or changed your life? How did it influence/change you?"

Ok, well being a new Y.A reader, I haven't yet come across a book which had changed my life. However, there was one book that did quite touch me. Don't laugh. It was 'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo. Ok, I know that it's a younger book, however I think the ending was so emotional and really gave you a feel for what life in world war II was like. Any book which makes you cry, has to be given some cred' don't ya' think?

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  1. Hello there! Hopping by! I love the answers to this week’s question.
    I have a huge prize pack giveaway at the blog. A contest reminder is included in my book blogger hop post. I hope you drop by!
    Here’s my post.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Yay- you joined the hop Liddy! I hope you get some new followers/visitors through it :)

    Thanks for your comments and complinents on my blog! That's very exciting that you've ordered Revolution, I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it. I'm really glad that you like historical fiction, there are so many great books in the genre and I hope you can get some recommendations through my reviews. Also, you've made me want to get The Keeper's Daughter off from the bookshelf and read it very soon :D

  3. Continueing:

    I've read Private Peaceful too and it really is very emotional and moving read. It was my starter for all the wonderful ww1/ww2 books I've read since. I'm not participating in the hop this week but I hope to join again when I've finished some of my early school exams.

  4. I think it's hard not to be affected by WWII books. Most of them are very emotional!

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  5. This will probably come of something as a surprise but the book that changed/influenced my life (more than any other) is a non-fiction book. I know we all focus on novels and the fanciful fiction we love to read but The Four Work Week is the book that gets all the credit. I know the title sounds fictional but it really isn’t. Hop over to my blog and find out why –

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Day!

    Howard A. Sherman

  6. Hopping through. New follower! I should look up Private Peaceful. I love WWII books.
    Happy weekend!
    My Hop

  7. No one's laughing!!! Heck, I chose Twilight! I thought I'd be picked on for that one, but everyone has been good about it!



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