Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Q&A Video :D

Hey guys! So here it is, my questions and answers video! Thank you so much to everyone who took their time to leave a question, you are all so lovely.
Oh, and would you like me to do a bookshelf tour sometime soon?

Feel free to leave more questions down below :D


  1. I love your videos- your answers were great, there's nothing wrong with them at all!Thanks for answering my question about which book character you'd like to be your best friend. I'm not actually allowed to read the HP books (the reasons are complicated) but I've seen clips of the films and she seems like a fantastic character.

    A Great and Terrible Beauty by Gemma Doyle is on my bookshelf waiting to be read- what did you think of it? I'm really excited you got Matched- it's amazing! I read it just before Christmas (I still haven't written a review yet)and loved it. You should try and read it as soon as you can :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing a bookshelf tour sometime soon!

  2. P.S Are we meant to write out questions for the next Q and A here?

  3. Great movie.. Looking forward to your bookshelf tour :) Always fun seeing other peoples book :)

    Great answears btw :) Keep up the good work :D

  4. Hello Liddy, thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoyed watching your video post. :) I plan on visiting your page more often.

    Keep up the great girl!

  5. I watched the first half of your video and loved it! Sorry, I have kids wanting to eat so I ran out of time to watch the entire thing :(

    But thanks so much for your wonderful and thoughtful comment on my blog! I'm now a new follower and look forward to reading your reviews:)

  6. great video liddy! it was great learning more about you. and thanks for dropping by our blog.

    happy friday :)

  7. Love your blog! You look just like Hermione!

  8. Hello Liddy!

    This is a cool idea. I might just have to be a copy-cat sometime.

    This might sound rather strange, but I have the same color walls as you in my bedroom :)

    I have a question for you (well, questions). What countries have you traveled to before and/or where would you like to go in the future?


  9. Oh is PLL on TV in Portugal? I want to watch it too!


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