Sunday, 17 July 2011

Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly

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And I thought I knew my history.

I cannot even tell you how much you learn from this book, I mean really. I was fascinated by al lthat I learnt, and was intrigued to carry on in hope of uncovering the truth about france's bloody revolution.

This book is about two girl: Andi - living in 21st century new york, and Alexandrine - living in 18th century paris, battling through the bloody revolution.

Alexandrine - a highly likeable and very intriguing charecter - keeps a diary, which Andi happens to stumble upon. She then begins to uncover many secrets of the revolution, but also begins to uncover things about herself.

I thought Andi was a failry likeable character, though I though at times she was very, very irritating. Though towards the end, I gained a lot of respect for her as a character. She was very interested in music, and although this I didn't hate, It got a little tedious reading pages and pages of musical theory.

I adored Alexandrines character, she was so caring - never selfish -  and courageous. Yet the main quality I adored in her was the fact that she always put the people she loved first. Alexandrine is actually Marie Antionettes son's Louis' entertainer. Though when things go wrong and he is thrown in the tower, she still makes an effort to keep him happy by setting off fireworks for him to watch from his towers window.

The end of this book was honestly outstanding, and had me lingering on about it days after I had turned the last page - it really moved me. I would never have considered giving this book a 5 star, had the ending not have been as magnificent as it was. I have no idea why the ending had such an effect on me. It just did.

A marvelous historical book depicting the true terror and what it took to survive through frances unforgettable revolution.



  1. Great review! I've heard mixed things about this one, but after reading your review, I'll definitely be reading it now. It sounds great and that's cool how you get to read from two different perspectives.

  2. This book sounds fantastic! I just have to read it now - thanks! :]


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