Sunday, 21 August 2011

Forgive my Fins - Tera Lynn Childs

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I've always thought that the mermaid genre was my favorite, and yes, this books just confirmed my suspicion.
I devoured this book, it was light, cute, yet still contained that lingering element of romance, which I just adored.

First, lets talk characters: Lily is the main protagonist in this book, and is a mermaid living on land. Her mission is to bond with her crush, Brody, and claim her throne as princess of Thalassinia, ruling beside her beloved. She was such a likable character. She was't always whining, even in the worst of situations, which was definitely a breath of fresh air! I loved the way Tera incorporated these little 'fishy jokes' too, such as: He makes my heart beat flipper fast! I just thought these were super cute and added to the underwater atmosphere.

Quince is also a main character. I loved the way he was very sarcastic, yet could also be fairly emotive. He was just fuuny, yet towards the end you really start to develop strong feelings for him.

The setting of this book is beautiful and I think Tera did a fantastic job of describing the majestic unerwater kindom of Thlassinia. I really felt like I was din=ving along besides Lily!

This book deals with some common teen issues such as fitting in and first loves, yet it deals with it in such a light, fun and oh so  charming way.
I do love this book and I recommend it for all ages. Though a little predictable, it was still a flipper fun read! 'Get my joke? No? Okay...'



  1. I've never thought to read mermaid books but after reading this I'm pretty convinced to! It's good that the main character wasn't whining all the time. Makes me so annoyed lol. Nice review :)

  2. This sounds so brilliant! Fab review!

  3. I've never really liked mermaid books, but I am willing to try this book! Great review! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Great review Liddy ^^ I really want to read this book. Sound very sweet :))

    Hey, check it out, I gave you another award on my blog ♥


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