Monday, 12 December 2011

Coraline: The Graphic Novel - Neil Gaimen

Shortly after moving into an old house with strange tenants above and below, Coraline discovers a big, carved, brown wooden door at the far corner of the drawing room. And it is locked. Curiosity runs riot in Coraline's mind and she unlocks the door to see what lies behind it. Disappointingly, it opens onto a brick wall.

Days later, after exploring the rest of the house and garden, Coraline returns to the same mysterious door and opens it again. This time, however, there is a dark hallway in front of her. Stepping inside, the place beyond has an eerie familiarity about it. The carpet and wallpaper are the same as in her flat. The picture hanging on the wall is the same. Almost. Strangest of all, her mum and dad are there too. Only they have buttons for eyes and seem more possessive than normal. It's a twisted version of her world that is familiar, and yet sinister. And matters get even more surreal for Coraline when her "other" parents seem reluctant to let her leave.

First review back and I've chosen one of my personal favorites: Coraline The Graphic Novel!
If you wern't aware already by my utter gushing I had for the written novel, then let me make this clear: I adore Coraline.

From it's quirkiness to it's spooky atmosphere, this novel has it all, and what's more? It has pictures! If you wern't familiar with the whole premise of this book, allow me to explain. The novel starts with a girl called Coraline, deprived of the love and attention from her parents. After seeking something to do from her parents, Coraline ends up exploring the house, only to uncover a small door.
Later that night, after many circumstances, she ends up climbing through inot what appears to be her house. Yet, no. This is not the case. Her parents have buttons for eyes!

 Though her new life with her 'other parents' seems ideal, she later uncovers the shocking truth that she might not be able to escape.

One thing I love about Coraline is the characters. All of them have different and weird personalities. From circus trainee Mr Bobinsky, to the crazy ladies downstairs, Miss Spink and Forcible, all are different in there won ways and thus fun to get to know and explore.

The illustrations in this book are also wonderful, and utterly creepy! Evern more so than the written novel, in my opinion.
Below are an example of some of the images:
I understand that the premise of this book has been largely discussed as to whether this book is appropriate for kids, but personally, I think this book is a masterpiece written by the fabulously crafty author, Neil Gaimen.

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