Thursday, 20 January 2011

Please Answer this Question!

Ok so this post is going to be really, really tinnee-tiny.
However I just wanted to hear your thoughts about my idea. Around christmas I made a Book haul video of what I got, and I found that to be really good fun!
So, I was wondering, would you like me to make book haul videos every now and again? It wont be an in my mailbox yet, until I have a steady flow of books which will be quite a while! However I would just make some book haul videos and show you what I got. Since I have just recieved 8 books from amazon, I thought I could do a haul, but I just wanted your opinion.
Videos or no videos?

Please comment down below.



  1. That would be awesome [:
    I love seeing what people got =D

  2. I loved your book haul christmas video so I'd definitely love to see more. I participate in IMM but like you, I don't have a steady flow of books like some other bloggers. Maybe you could do a video and a photo you've taken of all the books together with links to Goodreads so people can have both options to look at!

  3. I love watching videos.. so I vote yes :D

    I can't wait to see more <3


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