Saturday, 16 April 2011

Anyone for an easter book haul!?

Hey everyone. Wahooooo, I just broke up for Easter, that means two whole weeks of reading, blogging and absolute bliss. ;D
Wow! I talk a lot! Sorry for the rambling!
Please ignore the rubbish quality and that always happens when I film on my laptop. *Sighs*
( )_( ) 


  1. I know! I'm sooooo glad it's the holidays!

  2. I think you'll appreciate this, the story is by the Brothers Grimm, which you should have heard of... xD

  3. Sounds like you have alot of great reading while on break.....I have Entwined in a TBR pile waiting too, looking forwrad to reading. Have a great 2 weeks!

  4. I love yor book hauls Liddy :) Yes- the twelve princesses (not sure if that's it's real name)is a real fairytale. I'm currently reading Princess Of The Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George, which is another retelling of the same story. Entwined is on my birthday wishlist- the cover looks even more beautiful in book form! Happy Easter!

  5. Great books. Happy reading and happy easter for you too :)
    I really wanna read HexHall. And very curious on Entwined.

    Lucky you having 2 weeks off. I only got like 3 days of at the most :P So hopefully I will get to read a bit in those few easter days of mine :)

  6. Entwined is so so pretty! I love it! And Demonglass is awesome, but the ending is pure evil. Like, cliffhanger to the max. Happy reading! ;)

  7. Great haul!!Have fun reading and happy easter holidays.Thanks so much for stopping by earlier.I am following you now.Great blog.


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