Monday, 4 April 2011

Do you keep a Diary?

I have all of a sudden become fascinated with Anne Frank and her diary. Her intelligence and look of life are all so interesting to me. She has inspired me to write a diary. I have written numerous ones in the past, however all have failed. This time will be different though, I am so keen on scribbling all of my thoughts down - just like she did. To me, she is such an inspiration, and I think everyone should read her book, or shall I say her Diary.
My heart goes out to that wonderful girl.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." ~ Anne Frank

Do you keep a diary? If so, what inspired you, and why do you write one?


  1. I just don't have the... commitment? Attention span? to keep a diary going for more than a few weeks; or so it seems.

    I agree about Anne Frank's diary, though. Amazing to read. Upsetting, of course, but amazing.

  2. I've written about 3-4 diaries. Its something great to look back to but now a days. I don't have the time to keep it. This is a great post Liddy! This might inspire me to continue writing a diary.

  3. I've kept a diary for years. It's a good way to vent or just throw your ideas out on paper. These days, I haven't been as good about keeping one, but I still do it. The format has changed a bit too.
    Great post, Liddy!

  4. I just forget too much to keep one.

  5. Anne Frank is an amazing person! I've done so many reports on her and is only more fascinated after every essay.

    I actually didn't like the idea of a diary, so I mostly used it for my most random thoughts before bed. I'd spend about 2-5 mins writing random things like; what I'm craving at the moment, what color are my socks, did I dry my hair. I found it very interesting looking back at it and hilarious as well.

    *New Follower :)

  6. I always end up going back and hating what I've written. I think I've ripped up about 4 diaries over the years. Have you heard that they're releasing a new, unedited version of her diary? Apparently the version that's been published for years has bits taken out that were critical of her parents and things. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.


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