Saturday, 2 April 2011

It's nearly Summer ♥

It's nearly Summer, and I actually cannot WAIT!
Last summer was so fun and new, since it was  the time when I first moved to Portugal. My experience very much reminded me of Anna in Anna and the french kiss where I had to point to everything I wanted and just hope they understood. Not to mention the fact that I omnly understood two words. Obrigada, and Por favor. :D

Yet nearly a year has passed, and no I'm not fluent yet but hey, I have expanded my vocab from two words!
Anyway, I didn't have much to post about today, so I thought I would share a couple of videos, to give you a picture of what I did in the summer. (The weather was beautiful!)


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  1. Wow- those videos are so cool! You and your friends must be amazing video makers. It looks like you had a lot of fun, it makes my summers look boring lol. Are they your new friends in Portugal? x


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