Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I'm not DEAD! ((Mini Book Haul!))

Hey Everyone! Gosh, I have been such a bad blogger recently! You all have the right to Boo me. ;)
Well, here is my excuse:
I was in England for a week and there was no freeking internet! *Gasps*
It was awful and meeeehh. But I did have a very fun time, so, ohwell.
Also I went to WHSmiths and got some books. Wahoo!

I'm currently reading Looking for Alaska, and I really like it! Please check out John Greens books they are awesome. Even though I only gave Paper Towns 3 stars it is really good. I LOVE JOHN GREEN'S BOOKS! <3

Also, my birthday is next Monday, so I shall have a book haul for you, and a book review on Need by Carrie Jones.
Stay tuned. (:


  1. Yey! I hated both of those books... Oh dear. I hope you like them! =D

  2. The books look great!!Hope you enjoy them both.
    That's alright!You have to take some time off.Don't worry.Every blogger takes a break for a week or two (or more).I surely did! Have fun. Old follower stopping by.Hope to see you at my blog.

  3. Don't worry about taking a break! Like Mia said, every blogger deserves one and we're all still here :) I still haven't read The Sky Is Everywhere but I've been meaning to. I'm looking forward to your review of that and Need. Enjoy all your new books and happy early birthday for Monday incase I forget before then.


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