Friday, 22 April 2011

Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins

Hardcover, 359 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Hyperion Books CH

For the blurb, please click here. (Sorry guys, it was just really long!)

I'm so upset I didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would. I think the problem was I just hyped it up way to much, and I was left feeling quite dissapointed.
The reason I adored HEX HALL was because of the fast paced storyline, romance, and all of the magic! In Demonglass, for me, the pacing was really quite slow, though it did pick up towards the end. I just wanted more action in the middle, to keep the pace up.
The setting was still as beautifully described as ever, which is one thing I really love about Rachel Hawkins books. I could imagine in great detail Graymalkin island, and the huge mansion which Sophie was staying in.
Many old characters returned which was really nice. But I can't believe I'm saying this: I found Sophie a little bit annoying in this novel. :O I still liked her, however she became a little irritating at parts. She was so snappy with her Dad at the start. Yet her sarcasm was still very apparent, and she provided me with many more laughs. I'm not going to talk about any more characters, so not to spoil the plot.
Sophie also learned how to control her powers better, which was fun to see, and indeed there was more magic in this book.
I just feel there could have been more in this book, more romance too. The love triangle for me, wasn't really a love triangle, and could have been executed much better. I still cannot wait until the next book comes out, and this book still didn't hinder my love for this series.
Sorry guys,
3/5 -.-

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  1. Cool review
    Don't worry I sometimes feel the same way as you did. Have you reviewed The Body Finder? It was a bit slow at some parts but it eventually paced up later on. Do read it! Sorry if I sound...forceful?
    Theres a booklist on my blog if you were looking for more books(which is maybe impossible...);
    Anyways, I luv your reviews and blog!


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